Mandy Wildman relays messages of comfort and hope from a gathering of non-physical entities she knows as Xara & Friends.

Xara & Friends speak through Mandy at a seminar.

“An Urgent Message to Goddesses and Game-Changers”

Audience Comments:

“Wow! That was powerful. I’m glad my husband wasn’t here because at one point I was crying my eyes out – they really spoke to me.”

“Thank you so much for posting Xara’s message. It is so helpful for me to listen over and over again to what she had to say about my vision. I tend to forget otherwise. What a great reminder. Also, thank you for your courage to go on stage and share the wisdom with us.”

“Your talk was the highlight of the event for me.”

“The transformation from ‘you’ to ‘Xara and Friends’ is amazing!”

“Thank you so much for your words of wisdom – I actually feel lighter!”

Video: Message from Xara & Friends: “Everything will be okay for you.”



Audio: How To Make Decisions Easily with No Upset

Xara and Friends showed up this evening while I was recording a call and gave a 20 minute healing message on the topic of making choices and how you can never make a wrong decision.

They speak rapidly and I translate as fast as I can. I learned a lot from it myself, and I’d love for you to listen to it.



Hugs and blessings,